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Welcome to Beleza Incorporated - Your source for stone countertops
Beleza Stone Philosophy
A Pidini Kitchen with a Beleza countertop Together we figure out how to accomplish what we both want by getting rid of anything that doesn't work and using what does work. No blaming or fault finding. Let go of pre-conceived ideas in favor of good results. This is not compromising. It's good business built on good relationships. Everyone gets what he or she really wants. This is a real solution and we strive to serve Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley.

As a company, we do whatever we can to fulfill the expectations of our customers and our partners in business, yet remain true to who we are.

This web site is intended as an information resource to help you with your counter top project, from planning to completion. It will answer many if not most of your questions. However, please call us if you need other information. We will help in any way we can. (970) 901-3441

Save Time
Plan your counter tops to meet your design and budget criteria using information you can find in sections "FREE ESTIMATES", "WISE CHOICES", "EDGE PROFILES", and "GALLERY".

Reduce Stress
To make sure that your job gets done on time and looks the way you want it to, follow our "JOB CHECKLIST". By following this simple check list the job will go smoothly, and you'll get exactly what you want acomplished on schedule and on budget. You'll be happier and have a lot less to remember at the last minute.

Stone Accessories
Custom countertops are our specialty and what we provide for most jobs. Countertops are only the beginning of many practical and beautiful possibilities for using natural and engineered stone.

Stone is easy to clean and won't deteriorate in places like window sills, door jams, and entry-way floor pieces. Stone trivets protect working surfaces from hot pots, pans, and slow cookers. Stone shower liners don't have all the grout lines that give mold and mildew a place to grow. Stone is a distinctive alternative to wood for coffee tables, game tables, and dining tables. Stone can also make wonderful indoor table-top fountains and other purely decorative pieces.

Natural and Engineered Stone
Select from a wide variety of materials for your counter tops.
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Others
  • Silestone
  • CaesarStone
  • HanStone
These are made of quartz
that is held in a resin matrix.

Some other considerations concerning what we do
Synthetic Materials Can't Compare To Stone
Stone is a better value than ever compared to materials like CorianĀ® and ZodiacĀ®. Depending on your design choices, stone counter tops can be no more expensive than synthetic ones. Stone will more than pay for itself in durability, appearance, and health benefits. This is true for both natural and engineered stone. Ask for a FREE estimate from us before you make your final decision.

Why do we carry sinksStone Maintenance Made Easy
Natural stone maintenance is now much easier. In the past you had to seal natural stone counter tops every one to three years in order to protect them from stains. That's not true any more. Now you have a choice. We offer a sealer that has a 15 YEAR WARRANTY against stains from water, oil and salts. There is an additional charge for this protection. But we believe it's worth it. If you have this sealer applied at the time your counter tops are installed it's less expensive than if you do it sometime later.

Why do we carry sinks?
Frequently an entire building project is delayed because the under mount sinks are not available when they are needed. Our customers often have difficulty finding a good quality under mount stainless steel sink at a reasonable price that's delivered in a timely manner. To help solve this problem we now offer a line of under mount sinks. Ask for details.


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